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wikifactory for teams

Developing features, together

We work together with our clients to shape the future of our platform to their needs. For Q4 2023, we will be rolling out a series of next-generation features to supercharge your productivity and accelerate your time-to-market. 

auto dfm

Auto DfM

Design-for-Manufacturability feedback is automatically run on files for major fabrication processes. 

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Bill of Materials (BOM) Tool

Manage requirements and generate RFQs or component orders directly from your CAD Assembly.

partner spaces

Partner Spaces

Share released files with your existing suppliers and vendors in a secure and traceable way.

Your Benefits

Early Access

Experience and influence the innovative solutions we’re developing before they’re released to the public. 

Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy a special 50% discount on our Pricing Plans, including any upgrades or additional seats you purchase up to date with the features’ public release.

Direct Collaboration

Request and prioritize features based on your workflow needs, working closely with our product and development teams. 

Get a 50% discount

Secure your competitive advantage. Access all the powerful features of Wikifactory at half the price, month after month. With our 50% discount, you’ll enjoy the advantage of cutting-edge technology and transformative capabilities without compromising your budget.

Try Me Out


For personal projects



  • 20 GB of Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • 30-day Version Control
  • 5 CAD Files Conversion/month

One of a Kind


For freelancers, professionals and entrepreneurs

5€ Editor/Month (1 Editor free)

Billed annually or 6€ paid monthly

10€ Editor/Month (1 Editor free)

Billed annually or 12€ paid monthly

  • 50 GB of Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Unlimited Version Control History
  • Unlimited CAD File Conversions
  • File Syncing App (join waitlist)
  • 5 AutoDFM/Month (coming soon)

All Hands on Deck


For start-ups and R&D Teams

10€ Editor/Month

Billed annually or 12,50€ paid monthly

20€ Editor/Month

Billed annually or 25€ paid monthly

  •  100 GB of Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Unlimited Version Control History
  • Unlimited CAD File Conversions
  • File Syncing App (join waitlist)
  • Issue & Task Management
  • 10 AutoDFM/Month (coming soon)
  • Unlimited multi-parts quotes
  • Unlimited Admin & Billing
  • Roles & Access Controls
  • Priority Support

All in One


For SME’s

22,50€ Editor/Month

Billed annually or 27,50€ paid monthly

45€ Editor/Month

Billed annually or 55€ paid monthly

  • 1 TB of Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Unlimited Version Control History
  • Unlimited CAD File Conversions
  • File Syncing App (join waitlist)
  • Issue & Task Management
  • Unlimited AutoDFM (coming soon)
  • Unlimited multi-parts quotes
  • Unlimited Admin & Billing
  • Roles & Access Controls
  • Priority Support
  • Manufacturing Manager

Who can join?

We’re excited to hear from you, understand how you work, and how we can help you perform even better. Since the program includes all-day support and direct lines of communication with our product and development teams, we have to limit the number of companies we offer these benefits.

How it works?


Join the Program


Provide feedback to interactive prototypes


Gain access to features in Beta before everyone else


Shape features based on your needs. Repeat…

Let’s shape the future of product development

wikifactory for teams


What benefits do I get from joining Wikifactory for Teams?

By joining the Program, you not only get to experience our pioneering solutions before they hit the market but also secure a lifelong 50% discount on subscription costs. Your valuable insights will be instrumental in sculpting the future of our tools, making them perfectly suited for your workflow. This generous discount also applies to any additional seats or upgrades you decide to add all the way up until our public launch.

What does the 50% discount mean?

It's our pledge to foster long-term relationships with our Beta participants. By joining the program, you secure a perpetual 50% saving on your subscription, ensuring that cutting-edge engineering solutions remain within your reach, regardless of how our platform evolves.

How do I know if the Wikifactory for Teams is relevant to my Company?

If you are engaged in new product innovation, CAD design, engineering, or manufacturing, then this Program is for you. We're a collaboration layer built explicitly to streamline these processes, helping you turn ideas into reality more efficiently.

Determining the relevance of the Program for your company involves considering both your present challenges and future growth aspirations. Here are a few indicators to help:

Complex Collaboration

If your team grapples with disorganized collaboration and CAD file management, leading to disjointed workflows and inefficiencies, our Program is a solution. The upcoming feature of 'File Locking' prevents design overwrites and ensures seamless collaboration.

Syncing Hurdles

Are you constantly trying to keep up with changes made by different collaborators? Do you often find that the files aren't ready to use in native CAD tools? 'FileSync' is another feature in our pipeline, designed to automatically sync changes from collaborators to user devices, paving the way for a smoother workflow.

Manufacturing Concerns

If you find yourself frequently checking the manufacturability of your designs and adjusting them for different fabrication processes, the Program has you covered. With our 'AutoDFM' feature, feedback on design-for-manufacturability is automatically run on files, significantly easing your processes and saving time.


Lastly, if your company is dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology and seeks to influence the development of innovative engineering solutions, our Program offers that opportunity. Here, you don't just use the software; you actively shape it to fit your needs.

Remember, every company is unique, and we understand that. The Wikifactory for Teams Program aims to provide a platform that can be tailored to meet diverse needs, empowering engineers and organizations with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

How do I join Wikifactory for Teams?

You just have to apply to the Wikifactory for Teams Program here. We consider all applications and would love to accommodate everyone, but to guarantee a quality experience for our Beta participants we do need to ask a few questions to ensure there’s a good fit. Once selected, you will receive an official invitation to start the journey with us.

What happens after I join Wikifactory for Teams?

Upon selection, you'll receive all the information and details about how you can make the most of the Program with an invitation from our Chief Product Officer, Max to get to know your needs better and give you a dedicated session exploring our latest. From engaging with interactive prototypes to getting early access to private beta features and iterating them based on your needs, you'll be actively involved in building a platform that is not just innovative, but also finely tuned to your needs.

Are there any requirements for joining Wikifactory for Teams?

We welcome engineers from all backgrounds and industries to join our beta program. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate newcomer, your valuable perspective is highly valued. All we ask is for your active participation, willingness to provide feedback and dedication to shaping the future of our platform.

Can I invite others to join Wikifactory for Teams as well?

We’d love for you to share the Program with your colleagues and industry peers. Collaboration and diverse perspectives are the lifeblood of our community. By inviting others, you'll not only enrich their engineering experience but also contribute to the collective growth of the Wikifactory for Teams Program.