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Mekanika Pro CNC Router
by +Mekanika
17.7 k
“We are excited about giving our products greater visibility, and receiving feedback coming from thousands of community members who share ideas and solutions.”
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Otto DIY
by +OttoDIY
14.8 k
“With projects, content and community all-in-one place, we’ve been able to see a great evolution of our products. Plus, the powerful version control is intuitive for product designers.”
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by +dronecoria
9.4 k
“We want to help people understand what is inside our drone to know how to repair it or how to improve it through open innovation. Together, we can enable large-scale reforestations with drone sowing and seedballs.”
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Please use the files from our new repository:


Based on Mekanika's core philosophy, every tool or machine we develop is released under an open sour

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