Online Manufacturing Services

Get your prototypes and final products fabricated from our global network of certified manufacturers.

Online Manufacturing Services

Get your prototypes and final products fabricated from our global network of certified manufacturers.

benefits cnc machining
benefits cnc machining

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online manufacture

CNC Machining

Sheet Metal Fabrication

3D Printing

Injection Molding

Our Fabrication Processes

Our Fabrication Processes

custom cnc machining

Online quotes for CNC Milling and CNC Turning. Ideal for prototypes and final parts. 40+ metal and plastic materials.

Sheet Metal

Online quotes for Waterjet, Laser, Plasma Cutting and Bending. Ideal for prototypes and final parts. 15+ materials.

custom 3d printing

Online quotes for FDM, SLA, SLS, MJF, and DMLS. Ideal for rapid prototyping  and final parts. 35+ materials.

custom injection molding

Online quotes for Overmolding, Injection and Insert Molding. Ideal for 1,000+ parts. 50+ plastic and silicone materials.

Why make your parts on Wikifactory

Simplify the process of finding reliable manufacturing services for your parts.

Achieve first-time yield with ease by utilizing Wikifactory’s hand-picked, quality-assured manufacturers.

Enjoy access to powerful yet user-friendly features that streamline the manufacturing process.

CAD Visualization

Visualize your part before submitting an RFQ. With real-time collaboration tools including chat and annotations that make communication around 3D files as easy as 123.


Quotes in 24 hours

Guaranteed online quotes in 1 business day.

Engineering Support

Recommendations, DFM feedback and instant support from our in-house engineers.

No minimum order quality

Order one or one thousand, it’s up to you.
Whether for prototyping or mass production, we are ready to produce.

Quality inspection

All parts go through quality inspection centres.
With quality assurance and ISO certificates.

Global Delivery

Parts to your doorstep, wherever it is.
From local and regional manufacturers.

What our customers say about us

The parts I got were really great. The flexibility offered by Wikifactory’s on-demand manufacturing service is truly remarkable. The platform and manufacturing experts catered to my specific needs. With the prototype working now, I’m happy to move forward and get quotes for new parts.

Theo Cook

Vice Principal and Senior Tutor, Robinson House Studio

The Wikifactory service is amongst the best I’ve ever experienced. The transparency and communication throughout the manufacturing process were outstanding. I received regular updates on the production status, ensuring that I was always in the loop. I hope to use the Marketplace for more projects in the future.

Luca Valeri

Entrepreneur, DEV GARAGE

The platform offers various manufacturing options, from 3D printing to CNC machining. I could upload my product designs, specify the required materials and quantities, and receive quotations from trusted manufacturers within the Wikifactory network. Great service, with fast response time, and quick turnaround. Our order was perfect.


Director, Studio Rosso

4 steps to get your mechanical parts made with Wikifactory

mechanical parts on demand
mechanical parts mobile

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Learning Resources

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Marketplace FAQs.

What are the accepted format files?

To get a quote for CNC Machining, you can upload the STP, STEP or PDF format files. We might ask you to upload supporting files for specific parts.

To get a quote for Sheet Metal, you can upload an STP, STEP, PDF, DWG, or DXF format file.

To get a quote for 3D printing, you can upload an STL or STEP format file.

To get a quote for Injection Molding, you can upload the STP, STEP, or PDF format files.

How long do I need to wait to receive my quote?

Once you submit your RFQ, the Marketplace team will receive it immediately.

They will get back to you using the RFQ chat in less than 24 hours (excluding Sundays, our engineers need to rest too).

If your RFQ is complete, they will proceed to send your part to the most appropriate supplier. Our suppliers usually take about 24 hours to get back to us with your quote.

But if for some reason we don't have all the required information to manufacture your part, we will need your collaboration to fully understand your manufacturing needs. Learn more.

I didn't find the material I need. What should I do?

Whenever you can't find your material within the ones we offer, we have a few alternatives for you.

First one, is to submit an RFQ. with another material of your choice and let us know through the RFQ chat which is really the one you would like to use. Our Marketplace team will make sure to get back to you and quote your part with the right material.

Another option is to contact us through email and explain the situation. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the next steps. We will do our best to match your needs with the right manufacturer. Learn more.

Can I get quotes for multiple parts?

Whenever you want to manufacture your assembly, we are here for you. We can offer you a few alternatives to get your parts quoted.

The first one is to submit several RFQs, one for each part. That way you can specify the quantity of each individual part, as well as the material and process you have chosen.

Another option is to contact us through email and explain the situation. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the next steps. Learn more.

Are my RFQs and orders private?

We always take our users' privacy very seriously. Wikifactory Marketplace is built from the ground up to safeguard your data. Learn more about our secure uploads, secure infrastructure provider, data encryption and data redundancy and resiliency.

Can my order be delivered anywhere in the world?

Yes, we offer a global delivery and aim to increasingly make it easier and faster to get your parts delivered to your doorstep. We are continuously expanding our manufacturing partners' network to offer our users the best match for their manufacturing needs.

So whatever your needs or preferences are when looking for a manufacturer, let us know and we will make sure to find you the best match. Learn more.

    🔒 Uploads are secure & confidential.