Optimized Collaboration for

Engineering Consulting Companies

Optimized Collaboration for Engineering Consulting Companies

 Streamline workflows with your teams, clients and partners. Efficient collaboration with robust data security for quick product design reviews, eliminating roadblocks and errors. Seamlessly bridging design to manufacturing. 

💬 Engineers, does this sound familiar?

consultancy engineering

“There are countless hurdles in our decision-making process when it should be straightforward and quick.”

consultancy engineering

“Design review process is scattered across isolated channels, leading to pricey errors.”

consultancy engineering

“File sharing is a complex struggle, even though it can be simple.”

consultancy engineering

“PLM systems prioritize record-keeping over effective design collaboration, disrupting seamless teamwork.”

consultancy engineering

“Constant lack of overview and having to worry about how to connect faster with the team, clients and partners.”

Break down data silos with Wikifactory

Wikifactory is used to speed up the design review process and to accelerate time to market.

CAD Visualization

Simplify your decision-making process

Bring your clients and manufacturing teams seamlessly together in a secure way.

robust security

Bridge your collaboration with Wikifactory Desktop App

Improve team collaboration worldwide with version control and file sync.

enhanced productivity
on demand manufacturing

Get your file sharing in order

Share drawings and 3D models securely, controlling access permissions for viewing and downloading files

Eliminate costly production failures

You catch the mistakes at the right time. Engineers can give and receive design feedback in real-time.

How do we do it?

Using Wikifactory you can benefit from a wide range of features designed for real-time design reviews and seamless collaboration.

cross section


Syncing to a local drive

Effortless file synchronization to maximize remote collaboration.

invite links


Roles & access permissions

Stay in control. Internal teams see all vendors feedback; vendors only see their own.

time travel


Revisions and time travel

Unlimited revisions means version-controlled files at your finger tips.



Cutting edge security

End-to-end encryption. Exclusively hosted on AWS cloud storage.

Assembly tree


Assembly explorer

Inspect complex assemblies and isolate parts in new tabs.

3D annotations


3D annotations

Precise design feedback, pin directly on drawings or 3D models, eliminating confusion.

Guess what? There’s more!

Accelerate time to market through our integrated online manufacturing solution

(DFM support, instant RFQs, best prices).

Supported file formats

solidworks free viewer
autodesk cad viewer
cad viewer for rhinoceros files
3d viewer for creo files
cad viewer for siemens files
+30 more files

Engineers choose us and love our platform

Wikifactory is a fantastic new tool for our leadership team and our startups. Agnostic, web-based CAD viewing saves us money on CAD licenses, optimizes our file share, and easily exports to other cross-platform file types. Wikifactory is our new catch-all CAD & prototyping tool.

Deanna Kocher

Assistant Director, Rev Ithaca

With projects, content, and community all-in-one place, we’ve been able to see a great evolution of our products. Plus, the robust version control is intuitive for product designers. Wikifactory is highly recommended for designers and engineers who want to take product development to the next stage.

Camilo Parra Palacio

Founder, Otto DIY

Best designing and sharing tool for the Agile way of working. A great feature to iterate and share the designs with relevant teams before using email to share screenshots. I was pleased to find this tool, now I can keep all the information in one space.


Developer, Information Technology and Services

Are you ready to innovate and launch products quickly

without development roadblocks?

It’s easy! Book a demo and say goodbye to being stuck in the development process, to working in silos, to having to worry about how to get anyone in one place, to lack of overview, to supply chain issues, and more.

Unlock your engineering potential and witness firsthand how our game-changing features can elevate your consultancy services.

Stay at the forefront of your industry and deliver innovative solutions faster.

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How quickly can I upload multiple files with Wikifactory?

Whether you need to upload one file or hundreds, our platform ensures a lightning-fast uploading experience. No matter the size of your files, you can trust that your experience will be seamless.

Our speed is a key advantage that sets us apart from our competitors. Sign up now for a free trial and put it to the test yourself.

How can I efficiently manage multiple projects on Wikifactory?

With Wikifactory, you can easily organize various projects within the same workspace using our roles and access permissions. You have full control over who can edit and view your projects. For instance, you can assign the same editor to different projects while granting specific viewers access based on the project. This feature is especially valuable for consultancy engineering firms, allowing you to centralize your clients while maintaining strict access control.

With whom can I share access on Wikifactory?

Experience a premium professional collaboration with your clients and partners on Wikifactory. Utilize Wikifactory as a collaborative hub for your teams, clients, suppliers, and more. Explore our roles and access permissions to learn how to grant access efficiently.

How can I leverage Wikifactory for seamless remote collaboration?

Wikifactory goes beyond being a simple file storage and visualization tool. We've developed cutting-edge features to facilitate remote collaboration. Benefit from Wikifactory's version control, task management, real-time chat, annotations, and more to ensure a smooth review process and eliminate bottlenecks. Embrace remote collaboration within your projects using our CAD viewer and throughout your manufacturing journey.

What are Wikifactory's pricing options?

We offer tailored pricing plans to meet the unique needs of our users. If you're a consultancy engineering firm seeking an efficient solution to bring clients, partners, and suppliers together in one collaborative space, consider our 'All Hands on Deck' plan for cost-effective collaboration.

If you are prototyping and manufacturing parts and assemblies and need to work with your own or external suppliers, consider our 'All in One' plan that includes on-demand manufacturing services.

Keep in mind that regardless of the pricing plan you choose, we offer a cost-free option for viewers to ensure that collaboration is never hindered by budget constraints.